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Remaking vintage

In a world where waste needs to be desperately reduced,

join the ever-increasing group of crafters who choose to

make something new from something old.

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Angie Franke explores the art and craft of hand-printing

using a wide variety of printing techniques through

practical, beautiful projects that don’t require a press

or any expertise. Read more ...

Facts at your fingertips

Everyone can learn something in this treasure chest of

knowledge, whether you are 5 or 50 years old. Filled with

quirky yet interesting facts about anything and

everything – animals, the body, food and the universe!

Are you ready?

This book is a revolutionary eye opener into

where I am right now, what needs to be

addressed, how to shift change and, more

importantly, how to ensure a continuity of growth.”

Janine Starkey, House of Janine


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