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Monique Day-Wilde portrait

Monique Day-Wilde

Monique Day-Wilde, a qualified textile designer specialized in weaving, with several prize-winning designs and commissions. She
lectured in textiles and graphic design and compiled official training courses in weaving and spinning.

Monique enjoys teaching and working with people, following their journey of self-discovery through creative expression. She recently relocated to Pringle Bay on the Western Cape coast known for its abundance of indigenous flora. Here she is truly inspired by the colours, patterns and even abstract qualities that flowers offer.

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Books by this Author:
Inkleur-tegnieke small cover
Colouring know-how small cover
Dekoratiewe kuns small cover
Decorative art small cover
Country daydreams small cover
Town daydreams small cover
Winged daydreams small cover
Garden daydreams small cover
Water-(verf)-kuns small cover
Water marks small cover
Outside art small cover
Designs galore small cover
Fast art small cover
Simply fabulous fabric small cover
Slim kuns small cover
Smart art small cover
Fabulous fabric paint small cover
Veelsydige lapverf small cover
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Monica de Beer shadow top
Monica de Beer portrait

Monica de Beer

Monica de Beer has dabbled in various crafts from a young age – fabric painting, scrapbooking, mosaic, needlework, crochet, weaving and knitting. Notwithstanding her passion for the arts, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. She bid her corporate career farewell after the birth of her children to answer to her creative muse on a full time basis.

Her passion is to inspire kids to become involved in crafts from a young age. The inspiration for her company, Sugarbloom Studio (Pty) Ltd, comes from her two young daughters, with the Kidazzle™ brand focusing on children’s crafts. The Kidazzle™ Kids Craft Club exposes kids all over South Africa, to a variety of crafts in a way that is convenient and affordable to parents. Kidazzle™ also distributes creative activity kits to restaurants and hotels. Monica is married and lives in Paarl.

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Dr Melodie de Jager shadow top
Dr Melodie de Jager portrait

Dr Melodie de Jager

Dr Melodie de Jager is a qualified nursery school teacher who completed a master’s degree in Science and Maths programmes and her doctorate on the role of neurological integration in the learning process.

Her novel approach to learning has resulted in developing Mind Dynamix® Profiling – groundbreaking work to identify learning barriers. She regularly hosts workshops, is a frequent guest on radio and TV and much in demand as a keynote speaker. She is the author of Mind Dynamics, Mind Moves and BabyGym and listed on the American Biographical Institute as one of the Great Women of the 21st Century.

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Books by this Author:
BabaGim (2de uitgawe) small cover
BabyGym (2nd edition) small cover
Leergereed, skoolgereed small cover
Speel Leer Slim small cover
Play Learn Know small cover
BabyGym small cover
Mind Moves small cover
Kopskuiwe small cover
BabaGim small cover
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Nikki Delport-Wepener shadow top
Nikki Delport-Wepener portrait

Nikki Delport-Wepener

Lesley Turpin-Delport has a Fine Arts degree and post-graduate teaching diploma and has been an enthusiastic teacher, lecturer and author in art and needlecraft since the early 1970s. She has taught needlecraft in many countries including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA. In addition to many exhibitions in Johannesburg, her work has also been on display in Japan, Maastricht and Olympia in London. Her daughter, Nicola Delport-Wepener, has recently joined forces with her and they offer classes and lectures internationally. Lesley currently lives in the Southern Cape in South Africa.

Since picking up a needle at the age of six Nicola Delport-Wepener has barely put it down and over the years has developed her own considerable skills in the field with Lesley as her main tutor. Nikki has attended numerous courses (Royal school, Embroiders Guild and City and Guilds) and qualified in different styles of embroidery. Her many years of experience as a school teacher in South Africa and the UK made the switch to embroidery teaching easy and she has presented several accredited embroidery courses in the UK. Nikki currently lives and teaches in Hong Kong. Having written several books, Les has worked very closely with Nikki on JUST STITCH, a joint venture. Rich in inspiration and different techniques, the book is a reflection of how they present their classes.

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Maria Diaz shadow top
Maria Diaz portrait

Maria Diaz

Maria Diaz has always enjoyed needlework, craft and making things. After completing a degree in fine arts she worked as a designer of embroidery and cross-stitch patterns. When the job became more managerial and less creative she decided to go it alone and set herself up as a free-lance needlecraft designer. Her work is published regularly in magazines and books world wide.

Everyday brings new ideas and design challenges and she enjoys her work immensely. She has a studio her garden and feels fortunate to be able to earn a living doing something she really loves, managing her work around her family.

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Dorothy du Plessis shadow top
Dorothy du Plessis portrait

Dorothy du Plessis

Dorothy du Plessis qualified in Textile Design and Technology which provided an excellent background for her special interest in mosaic art. After 13 years of running her own textile design business she started working in mosaics on a full time basis as principal designer for Mosaic Arts in Pretoria, dealing with everything from the design to the installation of commissioned mosaics. She now runs her own studio in Kenton-on-Sea, teaching, showcasing her current mosaic projects and working on a wide range of commissions.

Dorothy loves colour, line, texture and composition. She finds inspiration and peace in walking on the beach or in the veld, observing these elements in nature. She coordinated the publication of Quin Sculptures: Sixty years of excellence, a book documenting the work of internationally acclaimed sculptor Maureen Quin.

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Lizanne du Plessis shadow top
Lizanne du Plessis portrait

Lizanne du Plessis

Lizanne du Plessis lives in Cape Town with her husband Marius and daughters Lize and Cara. Together they’ve travelled abroad for many years and lived in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, before returning to South Africa. She is an experienced occupational therapist with a special interest in the identification and treatment of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers with sensory processing disorder.

She regularly presents training and workshops for parents, teachers and professionals on various topics related to parenting and sensory processing. She also contributes frequently to professional publications and magazines. Lizanne feels passionate about empowering parents and her work and message have enabled thousands of parents and professionals to:
• Discover and understand their child’s uniqueness;
• Support development and learning;
• Manage daily challenges and
• Build strong relationships.

She loves reading in the bath, camping with her family, and in attempt to be more successful at her own self-regulation, has recently taken up running (it’s working she says!).
If you enjoyed this book, you’ll love all the additional resources on Visit Lizanne’s blog to read more as she continues her quest of raising happy kids and being a joyful parent, follow her speaking schedule and join in the conversation with other intentional parents.

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James Duigan shadow top
James Duigan portrait

James Duigan

James Duigan, die wêreldbekende fiksheidsghoeroe en eienaar van Bodyism, Londen se topfiksheidsonderneming, is een van die wêreld se voorste persoonlike afrigters.

Onder Bodyism se talle beroemde kliënte tel Elle Macpherson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy, Holly Valance en Hugh Grant. James is ook die skrywer van verskeie ander topverkopers.

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