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Janice & Judy Bunce

Mother and daughter team Janice and Judy Bunce come from a very creative family background where most gifts are made, not bought. Judy started giving craft classes about eight years ago when the American craft magazines became freely available and woodcraft items started making their appearance at the craft markets. She teaches from home and most of her students have been with her for years.

Janice first joined in and later helped with the teaching until she moved to East London where she soon started her own classes, as well as offering a wood-cutting service. Her own creations are sold at a local craft store and Christmas markets. With no formal training themselves, Janice and Judy have become adept at creating new designs and adapting and changing templates, styles and techniques to suit the project they are working on. They are always encouraging their students to follow suit and develop their own particular style, and this inspired them to write this book. Their students have been their main driving force, demanding and expecting the impossible, and then getting it.

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