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Marga Grey

Marga Grey (B.OT, M.Sc OT) is a paediatric occupational therapist who practised in South Africa for decades. She presented many workshops to parents, teachers and therapists on many different aspects of child development, and specific therapeutic procedures.

The age 0 – 3 years is the time when the foundation of development is formed. She did research on the needs of this age group as part of her studies for a Master’s Degree. In her work with children she was also involved in many aspects of family life and advised parents in many aspects of parenting, including family dynamics. She is currently an accredited occupational therapist who finds ongoing training valuable. She is qualified in sensory integration and recently attended courses in Therapeutic Listening, DIR / Floor Time techniques and Sensory Profile Theory. She has developed and presented several training programmes for day mothers and day-care centres in an effort to improve the quality of care and stimulation of babies and toddlers in care.Marga lives in subtropical Brisbane, Australia. She is married, raised three children, and is a proud grandmother. To be a parent was and is one of the most delightful aspects of her adult life. Marga writes articles for Sensible Parenting and publish in various parenting magazines. She works at a multi-disciplinary private practice in Brisbane as part of a dedicated team of paediatric professionals. She concentrates on sensory integration and sensory processing to improve the outcome of children with sensory processing problems, learning disabilities, emotional issues and children on the autism spectrum. She is registered to work with mental health issues. She initiated an interest group, Bayside SI, to encourage paediatric professionals from different disciplines to liaise and share their interest and knowledge of sensory integration and sensory processing. Through her clinical work and her website she provides advice and support to parents. Sensible Stimulation is a guide for parents to prevent developmental and sensory processing problems in their children but also to identify possible problems areas to ensure early intervention.

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