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Marise Oberholzer

Marise Oberholzer is an expert in the field of mathematics. As a former teacher, she offers after-school maths classes for children of different ages.

Her passion for maths and in particular for the prevention of problems in mathematics at school, has led her to launch a maths package for young children, Box ‘n Dice, in 2011. She is a well-known radio personality who regularly gives talks at schools. When she’s not busy solving a maths problem, she likes to relax with a good book. She is at her happiest, however, when she spends time with her husband and two children.

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Tinus Oberholzer

Tinus Oberholzer and Nollie Cilliers own an orchid nursery, Plantae Orchids, and have many years’ orchid growing experience. Both are orchid judges accredited with the South African Orchid Council and travel across the country and abroad to judge plants at orchid shows. They are also popular speakers at conferences.

Tinus holds a degree in horticulture and has co-authored and contributed to many gardening and horticulture books. His articles are a regular feature in garden magazines.

Both Nollie and Tinus are passionate about educating the public on orchid culture by means of practical demonstrations at garden shows, orchid shows and at the many open days held at the nursery.

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Alison Osborne

Alison Osborne has a first class honours degree in Rural Science, a background in facilitation and mediation, and has worked extensively with families undergoing change. She and her husband run a sheep and cattle grazing property near Cowra in rural New South Wales. They have two children.

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Ouma Ralie aka Carina Visser

Her mom taught her crochet when she was a young child and one of her most prized possessions is a king-size blanket that took her four years to complete. She spent several years in America, where she was bowled over by the explosion of new stitches and techniques and started experimenting with the new yarns. She discovered her talent for design and was soon contributing to craft and crochet websites.

Back home, after several requests to teach friends crochet, she teamed up with her younger sister to compile a series of tutorials, and so Ouma Ralie was born. She is young, but she has an old soul. She is passionate about the tradition of crochet, but she loves new techniques and innovative applications. She uses brightly coloured crochet hooks and yarn in bold shades, but every now and again takes her mother’s shiny old hooks from their wooden box and crochets with no 8 crochet cotton. She is equally comfortable joining the crocheting grannies in a retirement village or teaching young children who are eager to learn. In short, Ouma Ralie is everyone’s crochet granny.

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