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Becky Paton

Becky Paton studied Public Art and Design at Chelsea College of Arts in London, where she specialised in mosaic making.

She now works as a mosaic artist, undertaking public, community, and private art commissions. Becky also teaches and exhibits both in her home town of Oxford, UK and overseas.

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Peter Cope

Peter Cope has had a lifelong interest in photography that has seen him embrace both the creative and technology sides – as well as acting as an (often) unpaid ambassador for both. First by using a traditional darkroom and later a digital one he has been keen to push the limits. His involvement with digital photography has been particularly long, having worked on Image Photon Counting Systems, the precursors of modern digital cameras, as an astrophysics undergraduate student. His avid interest would lead him – when digital technology became widely available – to be the first person to submit a digital entry for a photographic contest. It caused much scratching of heads by the organisers but did gain him his first honourable mention in the photographic press. A true enthusiast, Peter is always armed with at least one camera.

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Martie Pieterse

Martie Pieterse was the consultant on Leisure Books’ Ready for Big School programme. She has over 36 years’ teaching experience in primary and pre-primary education and is the author of CLEVER TALK, SCHOOL READINESS THROUGH PLAY, SMART KID WORKBOOK and I MADE THAT!

She belongs to several educational institutions and is involved in the development of programmes for gifted children as well as children with learning difficulties.

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Anita Plant

Anita Plant lives in Cape Town with her illustrator husband André, two children, Emma and David, and two dogs. After a career in publishing, she retrained as a rehabilitation instructor for the visually-impaired. Her interest in embroidery began in earnest after the birth of her first child.

Whilst flicking through a magazine she came across a simple embroidery project for a sheet or a blanket. She decided to try it and was amazed by how therapeutic she found the simple act of stitching to be, how easy it was, and how beautiful the finished product was. She was hooked and soon began to work out her own fun and funky designs. Friends received embroidered presents, and before long she was being commissioned to embroider for other people. This led to her starting a small embroidery business, dealing mainly in bed linen and soft furnishings. She also does embroidery projects for local magazines.

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Issie Potgieter

Issi Potgieter has been a member of the Somerset West Country Craft market for more than 16 years. Through the years she has tried her hand at many crafts – from rag dolls with embroidered faces to candlewicking and bullion stitch embroidery, trying to do it better and smaller all the time.

Frustrated by the fact that she had to wash her hands every time she wanted to embroider, she decided to move on to fabric painting and before long couldn’t keep up with the demand for her painted articles. Her work earned her an invitation to the Nottingham Arts and Crafts Convention in the United Kingdom. Currently specializing in freestyle decorative painting, Issi enjoys this because there are no rules and no limitations. She decided to share her trials, tribulations and successes in this craft form with a wider market. Her competitive nature drives her to be the best in what she does, therefore she is forever looking for shortcuts and easy ways to achieve the best possible finish.

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