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Shadow top A little blog post from Paris ...

A little blog post from Paris ...

What could it be that would make a Metz Press author send text messages about 'two bad authors and a drunk publisher' in Paris? The little green monster?

Or could it be the fact that said authors and publisher had sent her a rather rude text message in the first place.  A message that had its roots in the sharing of a bottle of French Red in a cafe in Montmartre. 

Inevitable, really, if you set three old socks loose in a city like Paris. It was never going to be boring and nor were they ever likely to be models of decorum.  Of course they were likely to have a ball.  And that is precisely the case.

2 bad authors and a tipsy publisher

However, they have been neither arrested nor deported and instead have spent three days ‘doing’ Paris.  The sights, the shops, the cafes and bistros, the wine and the shops.  Their legs are stiff, their feet are sore and they now know the Metro like the back of their respective hands.  And, here they sit, on St Valentine’s day, in Paris, sans men and unable to run down to the bridge over the Seine with a padlock, to secure it to the railings and throw the key into the river.  Undying love and all that.  Are they worried about this? No.

Seine love locks

I’m not going to tell you that all good things must come to an end because today the reason for our journey, L’Aiguille-en-fete, will begin. 
We will keep you posted.

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Written by: Hazel Blomkamp - 14 February 2013
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Shadow bottom A little blog post from Paris ...