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Anatomy of a craft show

When you visit our beautiful stand at HobbyX you may not realize how much hard work went into making it a memorable experience for everyone. These photographs will tell you a little about what happens behind the scenes.

Having always rented furniture for the stand, we decided that the time had come to acquire our own for two reasons: we could get exactly what we wanted and in the long run we would be saving a lot of money by using the same furniture at several expos.

This year alone we will be at two HobbyX expos, The Gardiner Live, two Mama Magic Baby Expos and the Sunday Tribune Garden Expo in Pietermaritzburg. So in theory, great plan.

It was fun choosing furniture, less so reselecting pieces that would not break the bank.

And renting a trailer to transport everything to the venue, also no problem! But even on paper, you never know exactly how much stuff you need for one expo until you start loading the bits onto said trailer ... Full body workout? included, no charge but a great deal of time required. Driving in Johannesburg traffic with said trailer? No problem! Nerves of steal required!

Arriving at the offloading bay trying to parks said trailer ... Watch this space!!

So now we know that Lindie can reverse park a four meter trailer! How many people do you know who could do that? Anyone who can reverse park a trailer can run a publishing company, no?

Our stand looks grand, doesn’t it?

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Written by: Metz Press - 08 March 2013
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