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Shadow top Author interview: Sandy Griffiths

Author interview: Sandy Griffiths

Sandy Griffiths is not only a crafter, but a true artist, and her latest book, Pewter Impressions is a testament to that. Find out more about Sandy and join us on Facebook to post questions to her.

Multicrafter Sandy Griffiths has demonstrated and taught several crafts for many years. Private tuition in fine art, informal art workshops and courses in fabric painting soon had her confident enough to start running her own fabric painting classes.

Always looking for something new to try, she started working with pewter many years ago, taking classes with one of the doyennes of pewter work, who then stopped teaching for personal reasons. At that stage there were no other pewter teachers in Cape Town nor was there much in the way of the written word. So Sandy spent many hours experimenting with and teaching herself this craft before starting to teach others. Sandy has a studio in Devils Peak in Cape Town where she teaches adults and runs a children’s craft class. She is married, and has a daughter who inspires much of her own craft.

Sandy has also produced an excellent DVD cover­ing all the basic techniques and is the author of Easy pewter projects and Pewter it, both top sellers locally and internationally.

If you could only save one book from a fire, what which one would it be?
The family photo album. Which I have to be honest is not a book but a large box of photographs that will one day (I promise, cross my heart) be made into an album. There are so many precious memories held in this book/box none of which can be reordered off the internet.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when starting a new book?
From all the clutter in my head, which has been collected and stored over time. Inspiration may present itself in an object, something interesting, quirky or obvious, which catches my attentions and sparks the question – can I pewter this? A great example of this is the tree which houses a pewtered ecosystem, in my latest book, Pewter Impression. Sometimes inspiration presents itself in a design, and I wonder – will that look good in pewter?.

How long does it normally take to write a book? From the beginning research right to the end?
As long as the deadline allows. As an old newspaper girl I am well trained to never miss a deadline so I always deliver on time, no matter what state my nerves and family are in. My shortest deadline was 8 months, but a year is very comfortable as it gives me time to procrastinate, one of my other hobbies.

Do you like to travel?What is your favourite destination?
Yes, traveling is one of my vices. I particularly enjoy long road trips and camping.
Favorite foreign country is Italy, the coffee, the food, the art, the history and the architecture. Italians are not known for politics or winning wars, but wow, they are great designers. 
Favorite African country is Namibia, it lends itself to long road trips and camping on the banks on the Kunene River must be closet thing to paradise.
Favorite South African town is Nieu Bethesda. A friendly, dusty Karoo town, filled with all thinks arty and interesting people who take time to sit on the stoep and chat to strangers. And of course the big attraction, Helen Martins Owl House, which just oozes with passion and the will to do things ‘my way’. The wording on the fence of the camel yard reads ’ This is my world’.

What is the most interesting crafted object you have ever seen?
The camel yard,at the Owl house, Nieu Bethesda. You have to experience it before you die.

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Written by: Metz Press - 19 June 2012
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Shadow bottom Author interview: Sandy Griffiths