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Shadow top CLUTTER TIPS by Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva

CLUTTER TIPS by Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva

Simple organizing tips to get started RIGHT NOW that everyone can follow.

1. When deciding to de clutter any physical space, its useful to have 5 BOXES in which to allocate stuff, to make the process easier:

          Rubbish – always throw trash away the moment you have completed de-cluttering an area
          Sell – you can make some cash back on certain things you no longer wish to keep
          Recycle – to either recycle responsibly, give to charity, or give the item back to the rightful own
          Repair – if you are choosing to keep it, make sure it’s functional. Fix those zips, buttons, and curtains, hang that picture and get that lamp glued.
          Relocate – these items may live in a different space in the house to the one in which you are currently clearing.

2. Use the following TRICK QUESTIONS to help you make speedy decisions – answer them HONESTLY!

Does it ADD VALUE?

3. Each room has a MAIN FUNCTION – e.g. your bedroom is just that, a room for your BED and whatever else you are meant to do in the bedroom. It is not a dumping ground for everything else such as office stuff, the Pilates ball you never use, packets full of fabric behind the chair, the hammer and drill, and whatever else lurks there. Keep what is relevant for its function in that space, and nothing else.

4.  Every item you own has its OWN HOME - A calm, external environment informs your brain that all is well!When everything that your own has it’s own “home” then you will waste no time or energy looking for your belonging. The stuff that you choose to own needs to enhance and support your life, not run it and ruin it. (An items “home” is the proper, designated place where it lives and EVERYONE knows where it - be it a paper clip, your bras, kitchen scissors to that all important document, kids swimming gear)

5.  Always keep and store LIKE WITH LIKE – e.g.all, all batteries together, all linen together, all gift wrap / cards/ cello tape/ scissors to keep it easy on the mind and eye.

6.  Use small plastic / wooden / wicker / boxed/ metal CONTAINERS to keep like with like and to stop all things morphing and meshing together in a drawer. E.g. in your bathroom cabinet rather than having a tsunami of products that every time you grab one, another ten fall over, divide them according to like with like, then have smaller containers. Easier for everyone to put it back in its home.

7.  Store stuff for RETRIEVAL – it doesn’t matter how much stuff you have but what you have you KNOW where it is and can find it in your minds ‘ eye and thus physically within about 30 seconds- it should take not an ounce of energy or thought to locate what you need. Store the things you use most often within easier reach of where you need it. E.g. kitchen - within about a meter diameter of your oven/ stove top, store all that you need to cook with - from pots, to utensils, to spices.  Stops you wasting effort walking to get it everyday.

Whether you use a labeling machine, hand written stickers, marker pens or the trendy, fancy personalized labels- all that matters is that you label your belongings. This supports the above idea, and makes it “idiot” proof for others looking for things to. The idea is that if you were away or sick, you could send anyone into your home or office and be able to direct him or her to an item within 30 seconds. When looking into a cupboard, perusing your office filing, gazing at the pantry, scrutinizing your clothing, gawking in the garage – the more labels, the less likely you are to open up a container or go scratching for stuff.

9.  Never underestimate what kids are capable of doing with their rooms and items if you guide them – EXPECT them to put stuff back


Written by: Metz Press - 07 May 2013
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Shadow bottom CLUTTER TIPS by Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva