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Encaustic Art Workshop in Orlando Florida

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I recently visited Orlando in the USA on holiday. A friend of mine there is a “ Faux” artist and invited me to teach at their art group. They call it their art group a “Chapter”.

She arranged the advertising for me and in no time I had 10 people booked. The numbers kept on rising as time went by and before I knew it I had 25 people booked, the interest was phenomenal. I was beginning to worry as the most I have taught is 22. Once the figure reached 30 I said that was enough people. Another 25 had to be turned away.

The workshop was held at “The paint Factory” a place where they teach “faux” painting mostly. All the students were artists and none of them had heard of Encaustic Art before. The equipment we used was ordered beforehand and after the workshop the students were able to buy the irons, stylus’ waxes and my book.

I was delighted to have been invited to this art group, which is one of many throughout the United States.  I promoted my book Wonderful ways with wax and after the class I sold 7 books. I have been invited to go on a road show with the group and teach in various states across America. This would be such a fantastic way to promote not only my book but Encaustic art as a whole.

Jann Visser - 8 Jan 2012

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Written by: Metz Press - 27 January 2012
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