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How to make a rainbow jelly cane

This cane looks really exceptional and is not at all difficult to make. You can use either soft pastel colours or lovely bright hues to make the cane.

1.  Choose six colours of clay and pass each colour through the pasta machine on setting 1.

2.  Cut the sheets of each colour into rectangles measuring approximately 4 cm x 5 cm.

3.  Stack the rectangles on top of one another, gently rubbing your fingers over the surface of each layer to force out any air trapped between the layers.

4.  Roll black clay through the pasta machine on setting 5. Because this piece of clay is so thin, it is advisable to lay it on a sheet of paper until you are ready to use it. Clay does not readily cling to paper.

5.  Cut 3-mm slices from the clay stack containing the six colours, as indicated.

6.  Place these slices on the black clay. Be sure to place the first colour against the last colour each time.

7.  Use a rolling pin to roll over the coloured slices of clay to make sure that they adhere firmly to one another as well as to the black clay.

8.  Trim the excess black clay to match the size of the rainbow colours.

9.  Roll the clay into a cane and reduce it to remove all the air bubbles.

10. Neatly trim the edges.

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Written by: Metz Press - 09 July 2013
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