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From 33 to -8 in 11 hours 30 minutes ...

You all know that we make our authors famous, so it will come as no surprise that Di van Niekerk and Hazel Blomkamp have been invited to teach at L’Aiguille en Fête – the biggest needlecraft fair in France – this year. They twisted my arm (really hard) to join them, and now we will visit Paris, and immediately afterwards make our way to Birmingham in the UK to do a presentation at the 2013 Craft, Hobby and Stitch International, Europe’s largest trade show for the creative craft industries. Apparently Birmingham is and industrial city and not particularly pretty, so spoilt South Africans that we are, we opted to book accommodation in nearby Stratford-upon-Avon.

At both fairs we look forward to seeing the latest trends in crafts and hobbies, new approaches to old crafts and to being inspired by the best Europe has to offer. We will also meet with a number of European publishers, and have left lots of time to investigate craft shops wherever we can find them.

At this stage my excitement knows no bounds, except when I look at the weather forecasts. On Monday we will be welcomed by light snow and a temperature of 0, which by Wednesday will have dropped to -8. Writing this in one of those in-the-thirties days in Cape Town feels almost surreal. I have never experienced such low temperatures and I have no idea how to prepare for the weather. Adding to the extreme cold outside the fact that the Europeans’ central heating is usually so hot that you want to strip down to your last layer of clothes brings a special dimension to our survival strategies.

And we very bravely decided that we will walk to the Expo daily, because our hotel is only 600 m down the road, according to Google Maps.

So watch this space for a daily update on the weather, whether we have actually walked to the Expo, our other experiences and the number of layers of clothing required and discarded to survive.

Written by: Metz Press - 08 February 2013
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