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October sees quite an exodus of Metz Press authors and others to go and conquer the world again.

Wilsia and Ralf Metz will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany from 10-14 October. This annual excursion, which we have made every year since strating our business 20 years ago, is an important event. In the early years we went mainly to source books and spot trends, but after many years of walking miles and miles up and down the aisles of the Messe Hallen we started exhibiting and not long after sold our first co-edition. Now international rights and co-edition sales make up a growing part of our business. The creativity and talent of our authors have been recognised abroad for many years and we are immensely proud of what we have to offer at the Fair. If you happen to be in the area, do visit us in Hall 8, row B974!

One of the highlights of our week will be the Annual Gourmand Dinner for publishers and authors in the culinary world. Metz Press books have won two Best in South Africa awards for books by Christelle Erasmus and Alana van den Berg. Our 2011 award was for Best Cookbook Photography in South Africa, and Ivan NaudĂ©, our versatile man behind the camera, and his partner Estelle will be joining us for the evening’s celebrations.

Hazel Blomkamp and Di van Niekerk, our Queens of Creative Embroidery, left on Saturday 6 October for Moscow, Russia. After spending time with embroiderers and stockists in Moscow they will travel to the Ukraine where they will be giving embroidery workshops at the VI Masters Golden Hands International Show in Kiev from 12th to 14th October. Next stop is St Petersburg where the local embroiderers will reward them for sharing their expertise by taking them to the Russian Ballet. Before returning to Cape Town they will also do workshops in Dubai. This is their third trip abroad together, having previously taught at Beating Around The Bush and Koala Conventions, both held in Australia.

Dr Annemarie Lombard, author of Sensory Intelligence, has had a phenomenal year. She completed her doctoral studies in health sciences and has developed a unique call-centre screening programme. On 10 October she will do a Sensory Intelligence Workshop for Parents at the Blossom House School in London. On 15&16 October she will launch Senses on Call for the UK market to call centre executives. On 17&18 October she is co-presenting a two-day workshop for health professionals on combining sensory processing and dyspraxia for adults. (Go to for more information. On 19 October she is back at Blossom House School in London to train teachers in Sensory Intelligence.

“Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.
Cheerio, here I go on my way ...”

Written by: Metz Press - 08 October 2012
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