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The past weekend was filled with pregnant mom's, nervous dad's and countless parents on the hunt for baby paraphernalia, kids' toys and whatever else the booming baby industry had to offer.

Year after year we see more parents becoming familiar with the parenting books that we publish. Whether it’s the ubiquitous Baby Sense that they are after, advice on feeding or simply how to survive the toddler years – we have them covered. It was very heartening hearing how many mothers felt they simply wouldn’t have survived had it not been for our ‘Sense’-range of books, or how their toddlers are booming because of the BabyGym they had done with them in those early years or how they had a better understanding of their temper-tantrum-toddler because of Toddlers need boundaries. The feedback was great and even better that we could introduce our books to parents who had never heard of them before.

A big thank you to the organizers who, once again, put together a stellar event!

Our range includes books on sensory understanding, sleeping and feeding, discipline, stimulation and learning and communication.

And remember, they are all available to purchase online!

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Written by: Metz Press - 22 May 2012
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