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Shadow top Trivia: Fascinating facts about de-cluttering someone else’s home

Trivia: Fascinating facts about de-cluttering someone else’s home

Kate Emmerson shares some humorous snippets with us about her work.

* One of the hardest things is to get the whole family on board to do a major home clean up - often we spend a lot of time at the start getting everyone on the same page, from mom and dad, to kids to staff. When I have everyone’s buy in, then the games start.

* It always gets worse before it gets better, and my job is to never panic at the enormity of the task, or my client will lose it. I always land up laughing with my clients at “something” that we find along the way. Not kidding - it’s always important to ask the parents / client if there is anything they need to go and “hide” that they don’t want me to see. They always blush and scuttle off to the bedroom. I hate to come upon stuff that would be embarrassing and it’s a simple fact of life that needs addressing right at the start of the day. I’m sure you know what I mean without giving any more details!!

* I love working at speed, lightning fast, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes we all have to stop, drink tea, and collect ourselves as the work is hard physically and emotionally, for everyone.

* Clients always love how stuff gets whisked away to the right places, and their only job is to make decisions about stuff staying or going.

* I love going back to homes to see how the transformation has stuck - has life got in the way and do we need to re- tweak anything to get on track again. After all, homes are for living in, and shouldn’t be pristine perfect as if no one lives there. All about an easy to follow lifestyle.

* I am not an OCD person at all. When people hear what I do, and what my expertise is, they expect me to line up bottles at the EXACT same degree, and be an uber perfectionist about how a t-shirt is filed. I’M NOT! I’m about not wasting any energy, time or money because your life is filled with clutter.

* I love the feeling of my car being filled with goodies that people are gifting to charity- it makes me feel like father Christmas every week, not just once a year.

* I wish I had just 1 cent for every time someone says- “oh my gosh I have been looking for that for months”. It makes me smile every time. And another cent for every time someone says ” wow I never knew I had so many deodorants!! “

Written by: Metz Press - 28 May 2013
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Shadow bottom Trivia: Fascinating facts about de-cluttering someone else’s home