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Authors Angie Franke and Monique Day-Wilde reach new heights as their quilt is selected to be judged at the World Quilt Competition in Manchester. Read about the competition and how it was assembled ... mathematically!

“We are pleased to inform you that your quilt ” Quarter: Contour Quilted Quadrants of Quirky Colour Quarters ”  has been selected to be judged at the World Quilt Competition and will hang on display during the event from August 16-19 in Manchester, New Hampshire. As a reminder, these quilts will tour the United States and also be displayed at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza (Greater Philadelphia Area) in September, the Pacific International Quilt Festival (San Francisco Bay Area) in October and at the World Quilt Show - Florida, November 8-10, 2012.”

Quartet Quilt (for 2011 NMMU International Maths Convention)

For our 5th book, ‘Simply Fabulous Fabric’, Monique Day-Wilde and I, Angie Franke, concentrated on teaching decorative fabric techniques. We dyed, printed and painted all our examples on 50cmx50cm ‘fat quarters’ of white fine cotton. I then individually over-dyed these, producing a tonal range of rich bright colours to use in one cumulative project for the book.

As more than 75 techniques produced 400 fat quarters between us, we decided to combine these in an innovative quilt. Inspired by a linear doodle of Monique’s, the geometric design is way off the traditional regular patchwork, yet still displays mathematical piecing precision. Because the fabrics were all unique I was determined to work the design so that each quadrilateral was a different size and shape thus underlining its individuality within the whole. The result is a deceptively simple ‘haphazard’ grid of lines and a border within a square. The effect of 4 harmonising colour foci took longer to determine. We were joined by two other experts in their field (piecing and quilting) to help us - thus emphasising the concept of ‘quartet’ in size, colour design as well as executors.

A great challenge was arranging the colour-ways in quartet format as well as accurately piecing them together with all the straight grains of fabric weave running in exactly N-S direction – essential for hanging an exactly perfect square! This really took some doing and our excellent seamstress Shan Fox created a fascinating power-point presentation workshop around the 4 intensive week feat it took for her precision piecing. Fortunately she photographed each step of working the top. We think it’s a world first in piecing technique that she worked out quite brilliantly and meticulously. We are not at liberty to disclose this as she now presents workshops on this amazing new way of joining unequal quads on the diagonal.

Lynne Kay is a very experienced machine quilter who also donated her time to quilting the final sandwich in a flowing contour pattern to subtly contrast the linear substrate. Initially the contour lines were fairly widely spaced as the deadline for its inclusion in the book loomed. It was re-quilted with tighter echoing contour definition a year later to the standard required for eligibility for submission to the South African National Quilt Festival: 
Entitled: “Quartet: contour quilted quads of quirky colour quarters by four fabulous friends” our quilt won third prize in the group category.

Follow the photo journey here.

Written by: Metz Press - 10 July 2012
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