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100 clever digital photography ideas Getting the most from your digital camera and camera phone Author/s: Peter Cope ISBN: 9781920479763 Pages: 144

A practical, accessible guide to ingenious and inspirational ways to get the most from your camera and camera phone.

101 Great things to do with your digital camera Author/s: Simon Joinson ISBN: 9781920268077 Pages: 160

The digital camera has revolutionized photography, making taking great pictures easier and more accessible than ever bef

123 ... Garden with Tanya and Anna Author/s: Anna Celliers, Tanya Visser ISBN: 9781928201410 Pages: 160

Combining information on modern advances with sage, common-sense advice of the past, cultivate a beautiful garden now.

50 Silk Scarves Step-by-step printing and dyeing techniques Author/s: Melanie Brummer ISBN: 978-1-920479-84-8 Pages: 144

How to colour and print your own silk scarves, achieving fabulous finishes.

A happy human brain Our guide to authentic success Author/s: Dr Pierre van der Spuy ISBN: 9781920268800 Pages: 332

This book offers a practical, comprehensive guide on what these people do on a daily basis to strengthen their brains.

A perfect world in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork Author/s: Di van Niekerk ISBN: 9781919992488 Pages: 160

Packed with new ideas and techniques, this book will appeal not only to embroiderery enthusiasts, but to all crafters.

A reason for roses Author/s: Nancy Gardiner ISBN: 9781919992396 Pages: 128

This book is a visual celebration of beautiful rose gardens and the eternal beauty of the rose.

A table for every occasion Table settings • Centre pieces • Recipes • DIY projects • Flowers Author/s: Fransie Snyman, Katrien van Zyl, Wilsia Metz ISBN: 978-1-928201-65-6 Pages: 192

Brimful of practical advice and inspiration to help you create tables that will make any celebration unforgettable.

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