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Adjusting the boundaries Helping children and teens cope with separation and divorce Author/s: Anne Cawood ISBN: 9781920268350 Pages: 160

Aimed at families facing separation and divorce, this book will be helpful for parents confronted with the challenges.

Affordable gardening Author/s: Nancy Gardiner ISBN: 9781919992099
 Pages: 128

This book contains a wealth of time- and money-saving tips to help you create a beautiful and functional garden.

Anyone can do leatherwork Inspiration, techniques and 50 hand-sewn projects Author/s: Geert Schuiling ISBN: 978-1-928201-97-7 Pages: 160

Anyone can learn to make attractive leather articles with a professional look by mastering a handful of basic techniques

Anyone can grow vegetables Simple steps to creating an organic edible garden Author/s: Diana Anthony ISBN: 9781928201113 Pages: 152

This practical, well-illustrated guide contains everything you need to know to grow your own food.

Artful ways with mixed media Author/s: Angie Franke, Monique Day-Wilde ISBN: 9781920479060 Pages: 144

A book that combines texture, line and colour in unique form by way of collage, altered art and montage.

Baby & toddler scrapbooking Author/s: Deborah Morbin, Tracy Boomer ISBN: 9781919992754 Pages: 144

Filled with useful tips and creative suggestions that will inspire you to haul out your photographs and start working.

Baby sense (eBook) Understanding your baby’s sensory world – the key to a contented child Author/s: Ann Richardson, Megan Faure ISBN: 9781920268756 Pages: 160

Baby sense has over the past decade remained the best selling baby care book in South Africa.

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