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123 ... Garden with Tanya and Anna

Also available in: Afrikaans

Combining information on modern advances with sage, common-sense advice of the past, cultivate a beautiful garden now.

This book is for anyone who has just discovered the joy of messing about in the soil, who are itching to see seeds germinate, who love inspiring ideas and easy DIY projects – but it’s also for seasoned gardeners who may have forgotten a trick or two. It keeps up with modern gardening trends, and conveys to the reader in a practical way everything the authors have learnt on muddy knees over many years.

Their outlook is wider than the purely organic or the purely indigenous methods of gardening – the authors put everything to the test and provide tried and tested advice on:
• the eco-impact of growing plants and the latest ways of doing this
• starting and planting a vegetable garden
• sustainable gardening – including compost-heap know-how and harvesting rain and grey water
• the value of trees and how to bring them into the garden
• developing a lush garden without spending a fortune
• which gardening tasks to do when
• using companion planting to discourage pests and promote growth, and much more

Whether your garden is on a farm or in the city, whether you’re old-fashioned or just google everything you want to know and learn, this book is just the guide for you. Combining information on modern advances to make gardening tasks easier with sage, common-sense advice of the past, it tells you how to cultivate a beautiful, fruitful garden now.

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