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Baby sense (3rd edition Kindle)

NEW Understanding your baby’s sensory world


Parenting experts and co-authors of the Sense-series books, Meg Faure (OT) and Ann Richardson (Registered Nurse and Midwife) bring you the updated and expanded third edition of their highly acclaimed practical guide to parenting in the first year. This book is referred to by parents everywhere as “The Baby Bible” and it’s not hard to see why it has become a best-loved parenting reference. Baby sense has a gentle and practical approach and covers the most common concerns of parents in their baby’s first year:

• Why is my baby crying?
• How to get my baby to sleep well
• How to meet my baby’s nutritional needs from breastfeeding to solids
• How and when to stimulate my baby for optimal development

This edition of Baby sense is sure to hold the same appeal for parents as the revised content will enhance the ways they respond to their baby’s sensory needs in a sense-able manner.

Meg Faure is a sensory integration and NDT trained occupational therapist with a special interest in babies and toddlers – specifically irritable infants, those with sleep problems, emotional engagement difficulties and fussy feeding issues. Arising from her passion for assisting parents to nurture their babies, Meg runs a clinical practice in Cape Town, writes for various media platforms, is an international speaker and has co-authored seven books: Baby sense, Sleep sense, Feeding sense, The baby sense secret, Pregnancy sense, Weaning sense and Allergy sense. Always seeking practical solutions for parenting, Meg founded the Baby Sense product brand, which she sold in 2014. In 2016 she launched a toddler playgroup solution called Play Sense. Meg is married with three children and lives in sunny Cape Town.

Qualified Nurse and Midwife Ann Richardson, co-author of the bestsellers, Baby sense and Sleep sense and author of the bestseller Toddler sense has worked in the midwifery and paediatric fields for over 30 years and has numerous certificates in child health, sensory integration, vaccinology, asthma and allergy, nutrition, travel and sleep medicine. A pioneer in starting private baby clinics in South Africa, and passionate about her work, Ann runs a busy baby clinic focusing on child health, immunisation, travel health, nutrition, growth and development. She specializes in the treatment of “fussy” babies and toddlers, in particular those with feeding and sleeping disorders. Ann is married with two daughters and lives and practises in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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