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Also available in: Afrikaans

Learn about paper, colouring materials, colour mixing and basic and advanced colouring techniques.

Colouring books for adults are still all the rage and everybody is spoilt for choice more than ever. How-to information when it comes to colouring is not as prolifically available. In this book colouring artist Monique Day- Wilde tells all, from choosing your paper, pencils and other colouring materials to theory of colour and colour mixing, basic and advanced techniques to special effects and what to do with your coloured pages.

Learn about shading with single or multiple colours, resists, blending and burnishing, creating texture, interesting ways to fill large backgrounds, adding bling, stamping with embossing fluid and using shavings. There is so much more to colouring than just staying between the lines. While there really is no right or wrong way, this book will help you turn it into an experience, resulting in a work of art you will be proud of – just for yourself, or to show around.

The content includes:
▪ equipment
▪ colour, techniques – shading, resists, lift-off, blending, splatter, shavings, inking, special effects, using texture plates
▪ how to do faces, hair, fur and large
▪ backgrounds;
▪ how to display your pages.

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Monique Day-Wilde
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