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Also available in: Afrikaans

Bringing the dye-resist technique of the Hippy era into the 21st century.

Dyeing fabric to create interesting patterns and colours is an ancient craft, practised throughout the world for centuries, and enjoying a resurgence in recent years. With this book dye specialist Melanie Brummer unlocks the infinite possibilities of dyed cloth for the everyday person, using simple techniques, household equipment and ready-made garments. Bringing the dye-resist technique of the Hippy era into the 21st century, she shows you how to dye T-shirts for fun, recycle your old clothes with colour, make the most gorgeous silk scarves or make a bold fashion statement with ready-made garments adorned with her tried and tested dyeing techniques.

With more than 50 projects to choose from, all graded according to the level of experience required, there is more than enough for both the beginner and the technically advanced crafter. Each project is explained clearly with step-by-step instructions and photographs, showing you how to create a wide range of stunning colour effects. Lavishly illustrated with specially commissioned colour photographs of finished items, this book also explains the chemical processes involved and gives guidance on the technical aspects of colour and dyeing. It will help you transform your life from a drab blue blazer to a technicolour dream coat. Dip into it now and let your own special colours shine.

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