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Also available in: Afrikaans

There are more than 30 room-by-room projects, from the nursery to the kitchen.

Embroidery has been used through the ages to enhance ordinary household items from tea cloths to bed linen, from towels to monogrammed serviettes. In the rush of modern-day life where everything is mass-produced, em-broidery has become something of a lost art. Funky stitches takes a fresh look at this craft and provides original ideas for fun and funky designs, inspired by anything from urban graffiti and children’s drawings to nature.

An introductory section deals with practical matters such as fabrics, threads, needles, designs and how to transfer them, how to make up embroidered items and much more. The stitches are clearly illustrated and are simple enough for a beginner to master.

There are more than 30 room-by-room projects, from the nursery to the kitchen, with suggested variations to show how the same basic design can be used to decorate or create a range of items with a similar theme. Every project in the book is accompanied by full instructions, templates and a beautiful colour photograph of the finished item. Also included are contemporary and fun ideas for gifts.

This book shows you how simple, yet effective, embroidery can be. It will inspire you to create your own designs and experience the therapeutic effect of stitch-craft. So get stitching and have fun while creating original household items or gifts that will be treasured.

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