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Also available in: Afrikaans

With loads of tips and planting suggestions, the practical approach is one that will appeal to all gardeners.

Homegrown garden design introduces you to some of the best loved and most useful indigenous plants and the latest hybrids of them, and suggests ways in which they can be incorporated into conventional garden design and into the well-known styles of gardening. For so many years overseas growers have been flirting with our beautiful flora and every year new clones of our indigenous species are introduced to the market. These are now taking their rightful place in local gardens.

A collaboration by two of our top gardening personalities, the book both informs and entertains and is a reflection of their popular presentations and easy writing style. With a relaxed rather than purist approach, they do not pronounce a death sentence over every exotic, nor do they advocate that you doggedly follow climate-specific planting of only those species endemic to your specific biome. Rather, they encourage gardeners to enjoy their gardens and to experiment with accommodating those plants they really want. Many plants thrive in places where you would least expect them to, and that is part of the excitement of gardening.

By promoting indigenous gardening they do not intend you to start thinking that every exotic plant is bad and should be ripped out. Other than those now legally classified as undesirable aliens that need to be removed, keep what you most love in your garden and they’ll no doubt learn to live happily amongst all your new indigenous plants.
Lavishly illustrated with photographs from The Gardener’s vast library, every page is also a visual inspiration.

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