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How much do I cost?

This book will make you laugh out loud!

Children are little gems, not least for their sense of humour and the hilariously funny things they spring on us, whether intentional or not. Nita Eberlin started collecting the cute and surprising things her grandchildren said, and was soon joined by friends and family, all of whom had something to contribute. The result is this wonderful collection of stories and one-liners, which is bound to make even the dourest among us smile.

A mirror of real life with children, this book often reveals profound wisdom behind the humour, verbalising the most honest and revealing thoughts that seem to need the innocence of a child for the humour to shine through. It has a timeless, universal appeal and will be lapped up and enjoyed by parents, grandparents and teachers alike.

At times side-splittingly funny, the stories in How much do I cost? have been divided into chapters dealing with everyday aspects of life, such as old age, children’s ailments, family and siblings, love and emotions and children’s concepts about God and religion. It offers a smile-a-minute look at life through the eyes of a child. Whether you have children or not, this collection of clever and sometimes startling and shrewd things kids say will make you giggle, laugh out loud, or at least fix a permanent grin on your face.

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