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Katrien’s mini cakes

NEW Cupcakes, cake pops and more
Also available in: Afrikaans

Featuring more than 20 cake-decorating projects using small chocolate decorations, mini cakes, cupcakes and cake pops.

Even some larger mini cakes which can be used as centrepieces. Each project consists of three or four cake items that carry through the theme, all illustrated with clear, step-by-step photographs.

Tried and trusted cake and filling recipes come with guides for increasing the amounts to suit your needs, as well as templates to use in decorations. The author shares a host of hints and shortcuts resulting from years of experimenting to find the best ingredients and techniques for perfect results. If you follow these, you will quickly learn to create your own show-stoppers.

Lavishly illustrated with exquisite photographs, this book attests to the fact that cake decorating has become an art form, but within reach of anyone who can follow simple instructions. The projects are graded from easy to advanced, so there really is something for everyone.

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