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Also available in: Afrikaans

An easy-to-use self-help guide for parents and teachers to remove learning barriers like ADD and ADHD.

And improve sensory-motor integration, auditory processing, articulation and language, concentration, reading, spelling, and so on. Mind Moves offers fun movements for use at home or in class.

“When a child has learning problems, the parents feel disempowered and most of all they search for reasons why. Frequently they place guilt upon themselves. Melodie’s new book tailors an objective look at reasons for developmental/learning problems in children and provides hands-on, constructive solutions which are within every parent’s reach. She helps us make sense of children’s neurological development, and presents it in her typically easy to understand format. This book is set to make every parent and educator view learning problems and solutions in a refreshing new light.” Mickey von Maltitz – Educator

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