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Raising happy children

NEW The key to a calm, composed child
Also available in: Afrikaans

We now know more about how our children’s brains develop than ever before and this has profound implications.

Parenting in the 21st century is exciting, yet challenging and demanding. We now know more about how our children’s brains develop than we’ve ever known before and this has profound implications for how we raise them. Children develop strong brain connections and feel happy when they learn how to control their bodies, manage overwhelming feelings and develop their thinking skills. This comes more easily for some than for others, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to parenting.

Filled with examples and analogies, Raising Happy Children will help you understand:
• What is going on inside your child’s developing body and brain;
• Your child’s true nature and how this affects the way he thinks, feels and behaves.

In addition to lots of fun games you can play during your day-to-day interaction with your child, Lizanne also gives step-by-step ways to deal with some of the most common parenting struggles, such as:
• Meltdowns
• Temper tantrums
• Fears, anxieties and stress.

Once you understand your unique child, you’ll be ready to set appropriate boundaries and put rituals and routines in place that will guarantee a calm, happy and deeply connected family.

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