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Scrapbooking: back to basics

Also available in: Afrikaans

Scrapbooking: back to basics is unlike most other books on scrapbooking in that it keeps the focus on the photos.

Written by two of South Africa’s foremost craft authors, it is technique-based with easy step-by-step instructions clearly illustrated with step-by-step photographs. Every technique, original as well as traditional, is illustrated with top quality photographs of finished pages where it has been applied. There is a load of tried and tested hints and tips, as well as cost-cutting advice scattered throughout the book. It contains all the information you need to get started and as it includes basic as well as advanced techniques it is suitable for both beginners and advanced scrapbookers. Over 150 sample pages will inspire and inform as captions tell you what you don’t see, rather than stating the obvious.

“I’ve stayed away from scrapbooking for a long time, because I felt that much of what was being offered and taught actually detracted from the photographs themselves, shifting the focus to the (usually rather expensive) embellishments. And then I found this book ... Tracy and Deborah have succeeded in making scrapbooking accessible, simple and engaging.”
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