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Lights too bright? Music too soft? Blanket too scratchy? Not enough chilli in the curry?

We experience our environment in a unique way through our senses. The same sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures are experienced differently by different individuals. Sensory intelligence explains in clear layman’s terms how this works to help you understand why you and others respond to sensory input the way you do. It then tells you how to modulate your senses to adapt to your environment and other people, or change your environment to fit your sensory preferences.

Conflict is often nothing more than sensory irritations, easily managed if you know what to look for. Practical and informative, Sensory intelligence can be applied in all spheres of life: work, home and relationships. It sheds new light on likes, dislikes, quirks and irritations and suggests a host of easy ways to change these if they are debilitating.

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