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Also available in: Afrikaans

An eclectic mix of display-art projects produced from a range of rejected and found materials, combined with art media.

Working in the box and out of the box, (and on the box!), the popular authors of several bestselling craft books included driftwood, recycled metal and glass, everyday items as mundane as bottle tops and used teabags, and unusual materials such as barbed wire in their projects. Sculptural materials, from clay and wire to papier mâché, building materials such as cement, and craft elements including beads and gold leaf, are also brought into creative play.  While there is a deliberate effort to explore various textural effects in this book, line, colour and form are also focuses of these explorations in quick art. Smart art will increase awareness of recycling – the smart ‘green’ way to a more eco-sensitive and art-full future.

Stunning commissioned photographs of all finished projects, amplified by clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations, as well as further decorating ideas, will awaken the artist in everyone – a true inspiration to create your own masterpieces.

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