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100 Clever Digital Photography Ideas Getting the most out of your digital camera and camera phone Author/s: Peter Cope ISBN: 978-1-920479-76-3 Pages: 144 pp

A practical, accessible guide to the ingenious and inspirational ways to get the most from your camera and camera phone

101 Great things to do with your digital camera Author/s: Simon Joinson ISBN: 9781920268077 Pages: 160

The digital camera has revolutionized photography, making taking great pictures easier and more accessible than ever bef

50 Silk Scarves Step-by-step printing and dyeing techniques Author/s: Melanie Brummer ISBN: 978-1-920479-84-8 Pages: 144

How to colour and print your own silk scarves, achieving fabulous finishes.

A perfect world in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork Author/s: Di van Niekerk ISBN: 9781919992488 Pages: 160

Packed with new ideas and techniques, this book will appeal not only to embroiderery enthusiasts, but to all crafters.

A table for every occasion Table settings • Centre pieces • Recipes • DIY projects • Flowers Author/s: Fransie Snyman, Katrien van Zyl, Wilsia Metz ISBN: 978-1-928201-65-6 Pages: 192

Brimful of practical advice and inspiration to help you create tables that will make any celebration unforgettable.

Artful ways with mixed media Author/s: Angie Franke, Monique Day-Wilde ISBN: 9781920479060 Pages: 144

A book that combines texture, line and colour in unique form by way of collage, altered art and montage.

Baby & toddler scrapbooking Author/s: Deborah Morbin, Tracy Boomer ISBN: 9781919992754 Pages: 144

Filled with useful tips and creative suggestions that will inspire you to haul out your photographs and start working.

Bead projects Over 50 original designs for beautiful jewellery and accessories Author/s: Kathleen Barry ISBN: 9781919992686
 Pages: 160

Whether you’re a novice, bead as a hobby or make jewellery for a living, this book is sure to delight and inspire you!

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