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Papercraft & Scrapbooking

Papercraft & Scrapbooking

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Photo stories From technique to page Author/s: Retha van der Walt ISBN: 9781920268442 Pages: 144

The top 12 scrapbooking techniques, all illustrated with clear step by step photographs.

Photocraft Great ideas for displaying photos creatively Author/s: Carla Visser ISBN: 978-1-920479-82-4 Pages: 128 pp

This book shares more than 75 ideas for turning your photos into attractive and interesting displays.

Scrap it! Using scrapbooking techniques for decorative and gift items Author/s: Jaclyn Venter ISBN: 9781920268961 Pages: 128

A do-it-yourself book applying scrapbooking techniques to everyday items, turning them into gifts and decorative items.

Scrap that too Ideas for decorative and gift ietms using scrapbooking techniques Author/s: Jaclyn Venter ISBN: 9781928201434 Pages: 128

Preserve memories in clever, creative ways, place them on display on your walls and shelves or turn them into gifts.

Scrapbooking: back to basics Author/s: Deborah Morbin, Tracy Boomer ISBN: 9781920479145 Pages: 160

Scrapbooking: back to basics is unlike most other books on scrapbooking in that it keeps the focus on the photos.

Winged daydreams Hand drawn designs to colour in Author/s: Monique Day-Wilde ISBN: 978-1-928201-70-0 Pages: 64

From birds and butterflies to beautiful bugs and dragon flies, all dreamlike and whimsical.

Wonderful ways with wax Encaustic art for craft projects Author/s: Jann Visser ISBN: 9781920268336 Pages: 128

An ancient art, encaustic art has seen a resurgence in popularity with the arts & craft world’s focus on mixed media.

Words For paper, art & craft creations Author/s: Monica de Beer ISBN: 9781920268589 Pages: 160

In this book, artists, crafters and creative souls are inspired and taught how to make use of words in their creations.

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