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A happy human brain Our guide to authentic success Author/s: Dr Pierre van der Spuy ISBN: 9781920268800 Pages: 332

This book offers a practical, comprehensive guide on what these people do on a daily basis to strengthen their brains.

Clear your clutter Author/s: Kate Emmerson ISBN: 9781920479688 Pages: 176

A practical, no-nonsense book that teaches you WHY and HOW to rid yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter.

Ditch your glitch Author/s: Kate Emmerson ISBN: 978-1-928201-61-8 Pages: 160

A purposeful journey to face your “glitch”. An honest process to step in, step up and step out.

Get the balance right Coping strategies for working mothers Author/s: Dr Colinda Linde ISBN: 9781919992112 Pages: 224

Every working mom needs fast, effective tips on juggling her different roles ...

Sensory intelligence Why it matters more than IQ and EQ Author/s: Annemarie Lombard ISBN: 9781919992648 Pages: 192

Lights too bright? Music too soft? Blanket too scratchy? Not enough chilli in the curry?

Talk about it! Improve self-talk and communication for better relationships Author/s: Margaret Fourie ISBN: 9781919992549 Pages: 160

Positive self-talk is crucial for effective communication and this in turn the foundation of good relationships.

The post-baby conversation Author/s: Alison Osborne ISBN: 9781919992822 Pages: 160

Building a strong and sustainable partnership is the biggest challenge facing parents today.

When your blessings don’t count (Kindle) A guide to recognising and overcoming postnatal distress Author/s: Linda Lewis ISBN: 9781920479312 Pages: n/a

Postnatal distress is becoming more prevalent and it is estimated that one in three women may suffer from it.

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