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Finally, the how-to!

Monique Day- Wilde tells all, from choosing your paper,

pencils and other colouring materials to theory of colour

and colour mixing, basic and advanced techniques to

special effects and what to do with your coloured pages.

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Leatherwork for all

This book is an invaluable guide to this

popular and age-old craft. Anyone can

learn to make attractive leather articles

with a professional look by mastering a

handful of basic techniques. Read more ...

Pregnancy sense

“If you are pregnant, or planning to be this is

a book that belongs on your shelf or next to your

bed along with Baby Sense and Sleep Sense”

Tina Otte, author, specialist editor Your Pregnancy

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Artful decorating

This book features the most popular projects

from Quick art, Smart art and Fast art. Bridging

the gap between craft and art, the authors showcase

ways to use simple craft techniques to create original

display art. Read more ...

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