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Multimedia leaves

07 September 2012

Our final craft projects for arbor week ... this time we delve into mixed media.

When planning ideas, workloads and schedules I tend to ‘leave the lists’ to my beloved co-author, so I decided to surprise her here with this project called ‘list the leaves’ as a canny twist as well as a mixed media procedure list. You can make up your own procedure list for yourself or for a painting group. If you are ever stuck for ideas, this is fun to do and a good way of channelling ideas, processes and pieces into a single creative outcome.

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Pewter tree song trilogy

06 September 2012

More for arbor week ... this time one of Sandy Griffith's pewter artworks – with full step-by-step instructions so you too can do it!

Two trees holding a forest full of creatures and things. If you look closely, you will find a singing bird, a listening chameleon, two spiderwebs, two worms, one snake, some life-giving raindrops and a few hearts; all hidden among exotic leaves and curly branches. You can make this very personal by adding your own favourite creatures, or by carving names and messages onto the tree trunks. The three frames complete the picture, but one will stand just as proudly on its own. With a bit of creative tweaking, you can continue the growth of the tree into more than a trilogy.

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Magnificent magnolias

05 September 2012

Arbor day take 2 … An ode to the magnificent Magnolia! If you are at a loss for what to plant this spring you need look no further …

In spring, Magnolia grandiflora produces the most beautiful, creamy white flowers that have a delicate, intoxicating scent. The problem, however, is that these evergreen trees grow into giants, so while the flowers are large and long lasting, it is difficult to enjoy them when you’re at ground level. Fortunately there is a relatively new hybrid called Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ that grows into a more ‘people-friendly’ size that allows us to get up close to the magnificent blooms. Its leaves are leathery and oval-shaped, with a brown underside, and its flowers have satin soft petals with a spot of red under the yellow stamens. They are, hands down, the prettiest flowers a tree can produce.

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Mosaic flower pots

04 September 2012

Welcome to our arbor week special! Each day of the week we will post something from one of our books, to keep you busy or get you inspired. This fist one is from Mosaics decorative ideas by Tracy Boomer and Deborah Morbin.

These small pots were originally supposed to be for herbs or flowers but there’s only one little problem … they’re made of wood so wouldn’t last too long once they’re in constant contact with moisture – even if there were drainage holes at the bottom – which there aren’t. So you could either get a small plant that is in a pot with a base and put that inside (if it fits) or you could use them in your kitchen to hold utensils. Your other option is to get pottery or stone bases and work on those instead of the wooden ones.

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