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Mosaic flower pots

04 September 2012

Welcome to our arbor week special! Each day of the week we will post something from one of our books, to keep you busy or get you inspired. This fist one is from Mosaics decorative ideas by Tracy Boomer and Deborah Morbin.

These small pots were originally supposed to be for herbs or flowers but there’s only one little problem … they’re made of wood so wouldn’t last too long once they’re in constant contact with moisture – even if there were drainage holes at the bottom – which there aren’t. So you could either get a small plant that is in a pot with a base and put that inside (if it fits) or you could use them in your kitchen to hold utensils. Your other option is to get pottery or stone bases and work on those instead of the wooden ones.

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Resources shadow top Mosaics - Mirror-chip candle holder

Mosaics - Mirror-chip candle holder

23 February 2012

When we bought these candle holders, we had a good idea of what we wanted to do with them but weren’t too sure how we’d go about it without it taking way too much time. So we decided to experiment and were pretty impressed with the results because we got the look we wanted and it took hardly any time at all. The light that reflects off the mirror once the candles are lit makes the holders look rich and expensive – not bad for something that cost very little to make.

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Mixed media - Play housey housey with me

23 February 2012

Introducing negative mono-printing, enhanced with vibrant acrylic inks and textural stamping.

Somewhere inside all of us is a little fantasy. Armed with many photographs upon returning from an overseas trip, I was struck by how many buildings I’d captured. When I examined them closely I realised I’d focused on parti­cular architectural details and that the turrets looked just like fairy houses – so here we are, with my interpretation. Painted on tags, my avenue of quirky houses is coloured in bright acrylic inks. This was a golden opportunity to practise colour mixing as I only used the primaries. The tracing process is a little different too, adding texture of its own.

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