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Multimedia leaves

07 September 2012

Our final craft projects for arbor week ... this time we delve into mixed media.

When planning ideas, workloads and schedules I tend to ‘leave the lists’ to my beloved co-author, so I decided to surprise her here with this project called ‘list the leaves’ as a canny twist as well as a mixed media procedure list. You can make up your own procedure list for yourself or for a painting group. If you are ever stuck for ideas, this is fun to do and a good way of channelling ideas, processes and pieces into a single creative outcome.

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Mixed media - Play housey housey with me

23 February 2012

Introducing negative mono-printing, enhanced with vibrant acrylic inks and textural stamping.

Somewhere inside all of us is a little fantasy. Armed with many photographs upon returning from an overseas trip, I was struck by how many buildings I’d captured. When I examined them closely I realised I’d focused on parti­cular architectural details and that the turrets looked just like fairy houses – so here we are, with my interpretation. Painted on tags, my avenue of quirky houses is coloured in bright acrylic inks. This was a golden opportunity to practise colour mixing as I only used the primaries. The tracing process is a little different too, adding texture of its own.

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